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Your Questions About Dyson Dc25

Helen asks…

What is the best upright vacuum machine for dirt / dust / allergy proof?

I know MANY likes Dyson, but I also know MANY hates them because of their bad customer service and crazy price. MANY also told me that cleaning filter is just impossible!? Anyway, I may still like Dyson DC25, if not, what else is out there!?

Natalia Popovici answers:

Look into a Meile or Riccar also the Rainbow promotes a lot of attention to the use of water helps with allergy problems but that would be your call. The Dyson is a great design but not as effective for allergy relief Also if it breaks it is difficult to receive service on major repairs

Sharon asks…

Are there fake dyson vacuums out there?

a seller is selling the new dyson dc25 blueprint on ebay for 399 with shipping included. this is like 500 eveywhere around me so my questions are, do they make knockoff dysons? if not how is this selling for so cheap considering the seller has over 10 and has really high feedback? stolen maybe even though the seller is a specific vacuum seller i think usavacuums or something like that
he sells refurbished and new ones. but i thought dysons had to retail new for a certain amount regardless. is it possible that its fake, wouldnt it be hard to fake a dyson vacuum ??

Natalia Popovici answers:

Write to him and ask him if these are “Factory New” or refurbished.

I bet they are refurbished and that is how he is doing it.

Richard asks…

help with screeching dyson vacuum!?

we have the dyson dc25 all floors model vacuum. i clean the filters regularly and am always gentle when using it, but a few days ago it started making this loud screaming noise when i tried to turn it on and it smells like its making the motor over-heat within the first 10 seconds. i called the hot-line and they said to send it in but the warranty probably won’t cover it. the place i have to drop it off at is an hours drive away and it will cost me $150. anyways, i don’t want to spend that much if i don’t have to so if anyone knows whats going on, or had the same problem, i’d appreciate some feedback. thanks!

Natalia Popovici answers:

First, make sure that you don’t have something wrapped around the power head brush. Things like yarn and shoelaces will do this easily. Other than that, you could have a broken belt inside.

Chris asks…

Dyson Vacuum for under 399.99?

Hey ladies just wanted to share this site I just found. It’s they’re selling a dyson Vacume DC25. The starting price is 399.99 but the more people who look at it the lower the price goes. Does this sound like a good price/ idea to buy it?

Natalia Popovici answers:

Yeah that ounds awesome! I’m gonna check it out I totally need a new vaccum mine sucks… Lol or doesn’t suck that’s why I need to replace it :-D

Daniel asks…

Any ideas for Xbox live names for girls?

I want a new name for my xbl account. any idea’s?

by the way,
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Natalia Popovici answers:

and maybe add numbers

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