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Your Questions About Dyson Dc25

Chris asks…

Dyson Dc23 vs Dc25, which one should we buy?

Just wondering, everybody, we have been looking for a new Dyson vacuum, and so far we have our eyes on the Dc23 (the dyson stowaway) or the Dc23 ( the upright Dyson). Thanks.

Natalia Popovici answers:

Hi its Darran at Dyson.

To be honest this choice comes down to personal preference as to whether you prefer a pull along cylinder vacuum cleaner or an upright.

Both machines should be suitable for your needs, however you may find it useful to visit our online store and use the help me choose function in the vacuum cleaner section as you can narrow down your search by your particular vacuuming needs. The web address is

I hope that this information is useful to you.

Kind regards
Dyson Customer Service

Ken asks…

Dyson DC25 making high pitched noise..?

peaking as i turn it off. It started after i cleaned the filters. i checked for blockage in hoses and the bottom where the roller is. couldnt find anything.

Natalia Popovici answers:

I would think a blockage, but you say there isn’t one. Dyson has a good support page:

and also gives an address to ask questions. Certainly worth a try.

Susan asks…

Dyson vacuum DC25 all floors?

I’m thinking about buying this. I just want to know if this is worth $500. I’ve had my Kirby for 10 years and paid way more but I’m ready for an upgrade and something easier and lighter. I have wood and carpet floors and no pets, but 4 kids. Does anyone recommend this? Pros and cons please?

Natalia Popovici answers:

Hi its Darran at Dyson here, we don’t currently have this feature on the Dyson US site, but on the UK site, we have customer reviews on our products. You may find this useful in making your decision by reading what our customers have to say about our products.


Many thanks
Dyson Customer Service

Mandy asks…

Which Dyson vacuum is a better buy, the DC17 or DC25? Money is not an issue.?

Natalia Popovici answers:

I think all the Dysons work equally well.

Laura asks…

help! trying to fix dc25 all floors?

we have the dyson dc25 all floors model vacuum. i clean the filters regularly and am always gentle when using it, but a few days ago it started making this loud screaming noise when i tried to turn it on and it smells like its making the motor over-heat within the first 10 seconds. i called the hot-line and they said to send it in but the warranty probably won’t cover it. the place i have to drop it off at is an hours drive away and it will cost me $150. anyways, i don’t want to spend that much if i don’t have to so if anyone knows whats going on, or had the same problem, i’d appreciate some feedback. thanks!

Natalia Popovici answers:

Never had this problem before but a $500 vacuum should at least have a warranty. Maybe filters are backwards…anyway try I’ve saved myself a small fortune with their advice.

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