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Your Questions About Dyson Dc25

Carol asks…

How to clean HEPA filter in Dyson dc25?

Natalia Popovici answers:

Hi, it’s Ryan at Dyson.

There are two filters that you need to wash in the Dyson DC25 model every 3 months; the pre-motor filter and the post-motor filter.

For detailed instructions on washing these filters please visit the following page on our website:

If you need any assistance or have any questions please do not hesitate to call the Dyson Helpline at 1-866-693-9766.

Best wishes,

Dyson Customer Service

Steven asks…

Dyson dc25 Vacuum Cleaner?

I am thinking about buying a dc25 dyson vacuum cleaner. I have always used a canister but I really want to make the switch. Does anyone have any advice for me as far as how well it works and how durable it is. I am little concerned about all the plastic parts. So can someone help me out?

Natalia Popovici answers:

I have a Dyson and it is really good, also my daughter and daughter -in-law have Dysons and we have had then for years and we would recommend them to everybody.

Ken asks…

Can anyone give me an honest review of the Dyson DC22 animal or the DC25 animal?

I am considering buying one of these cleaners but don’t know if they are really all that good? Also, if I were to purchase one I don’t know whaich to go for, so any honest reviews would be appreciated. Thanks

Natalia Popovici answers:

As an owner of four cats, I can only recommend that you get a Miele Cat and Dog vacuum. It comes with two turbo brushes (one large for carpets, and a smaller one for sofas etc.)

I have a Dyson (not the models you mention) and it does nowhere near such a good job as the Miele. Also it is fiddly to use and the Miele is probably cheaper and certainly more solidly built. See:

Mandy asks…

Dyson DC25 vacuum & labrador’s?

I have read some reviews on Dyson DC25, and everyone seems to like it. But I would really like someone w/ my same situation to tell me what you think. My yellow lab sheds very bad, and his hair seems to actually get in the carpet threads. I own a Oreck at the moment and when I am done vacuuming, i get on my hands and knees and see tons of hair still stuck in the capet. I actually have to scrap the floor w/ my hands for the hair to come out. Can someone w/ a DC25 and a Lab tell me if this vaccum can pull hair out from the carpet that is wedged in the threads. Thanks

Natalia Popovici answers:

I do not own a Dyson but I have used them from time to time and did not like them all that much.
Dog hairs are terribly difficult to vacuum up , I will often use a stiff broom rather than a vac. Also try brushing the dog outside from time to time to get rid of the loose hair that would otherwise fall off inside or get rid of the carpets and change to hard floors in areas that the dog spends time.

Joseph asks…

Is the Dyson DC25 All Floors any good?

I was looking at the Dyson DC25 All Floors and it looks very good. I was looking at other brands but this looks more impressive but I don’t know if it actually is.

Does anyone know if this would be worth buying or have another option for me?

Natalia Popovici answers:

I used to be a miele person. I wouldn’t entertain the idea of another vacuum, until my wife bought a Dyson. Vacuum any house with another brand and then use a Dyson. You will be amazed, what you get in the waste drum. I thought it was like a candy floss machine that was making it inside because i couldn’t believe that stuff was still on my floors. Dyson is the best.

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